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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu versions

On 29/04/07, Lyle H Saxon <> wrote:
On 4/27/07, Dave M G <> wrote:
> How ironic.  I'm one of the biggest fans of Ubuntu on this list, and
> Feisty is treating me the worst.

I've had some problems with implementing Debian solutions to some
things on Kubuntu, so I've taken to just staying within the package
the way they put it together (adding things via Adept Manager, which
has been working well).  I always read your posts with interest and
this is something I sometimes wonder about - is it a good idea to
apply Debian solutions to Ubuntu/Kubuntu?  I know Ubuntu is based on
Debian, but....

 Ubuntu and Debian are not binary compatible, nor do they strive to be. This means that installing a Debian package on Ubuntu is more of a 'might' work situation as opposed to a 'should' work situation. However, since they both share the same source-package system, recompiling the source package on ubuntu should increase the chances of it working.

Ubuntu, while based on Debian, differs from it in a number of important ways, as a result there are a growing number of Debian packages that might break an Ubuntu system. I guess that makes the final verdict of installing debian packages on ubuntu: Install at your own risk.

Hope this helps.


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