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Re: [tlug] more Mac fun

On Apr 15, 2007, at 1:03 PM, Josh Glover wrote:

On 14/04/07, Scott Robbins <> wrote:

Apple recommends doing that (completely discharging the battery) about
once a month.

How do you do that? Do you boot it up into the BIOS or something and let it just drain? I have a feeling that Mac OS would hate getting shut down at the login prompt or something (filesystem inconsistencies, etc.).

That's the manual for iBook & Powerbook:

They don't seem to worry about filesystem inconsistencies.
Newer iBook & Powerbook models (and of course every intel-based laptop) uses in addition "safe sleep" which is afaik a combination of suspend-to-ram and suspend-to-disk. When safe sleep is activated Mac OS X will write the RAM to disc, if there wasn't a power down it'll wake up from RAM, if there was one it'll wake up from disc.


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