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[tlug] more Mac fun

Well, the airport card is working again.  I'm not sure if this was some
weird glitch of some sort, or a sign of a dying card. Hopefully, it
doesn't mean a dying logic board. 

I'm going to invest the $50 in a USB wireless, however, to have around
for emergencies.  She's going away, definitely to Austria for a week and
possibly to Japan, and if it went out there, she'd probably be seriously

One thing I do have to say for the Macs--the battery life is excellent.
I have a Gateway salvaged from work--with MS it was a lemon, and caused
so many problems that Gateway actually replaced it.  So, I took it and
put ArchLinux on it.  Battery life is supposed to be 2 hours, but if you
brighten the screen it will often go off completely after an hour and
ten minutes, even if not doing very much. 

In fairness, looking at customer reviews, this particular model was
noted for its short battery life--however, I'd say that most of our
laptops--Toshibas, Dells and Gateways--really aren't good for more than
a couple of hours. 

In contrast, when following Apple's suggestion of completely draining
the battery once a month, I've left it running on battery overnight and
in the morning, it's still showing a charge.  Practically speaking, it
can go 4 hours or so, even under reasonable use.  (Although I've never
tried playing DVDs while it's running under battery.)


Scott Robbins

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