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Re: [tlug] Networking two Linux computers harder than Linux toWindows?

> If I install MySQL here I have to run $PATH_TO_MYSQL/bin/mysqld_safe &
> explicitly from the command line. I also have to run "apachectl start"
> explicitly in order to run Apache. This is a basic security requirement
> so that the admin can give the configuration files a once-over before
> opening the services to the 'Net.

I assume you are talking about when you initially configure Apache and MySQL. That is I assume you do not manually start these things after each reboot :-)

As for giving a config a once over before making a service available I
would hope that any admin worth more than 0.2 yen per hour would do
this regardless.


though they are running. And if you are really worried, then just
don't lower your firewall till you have configured them to your

I totally agree. Actually I would go so far as to say building/configuring your production system whilst it is sitting naked on the Net is a bit odd to say the least. I would also add that configuring and testing would be par for the course for any production system before making it accessible over the Net.

Package management systems are by and large pretty good - IMHO. I do
not have the time to manually review, maintain, patch, and what not
every single application, library and what not on a single server.
never mind doing so on multiple servers.

Having said that, I would recommend subscribing to some security
mailing lists (specifically ones for the distro you use) to at least
keep your finger on the pulse.

Regards, Keith

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