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Re: [tlug] Networking two Linux computers harder than Linux toWindows?

On Sun, 15 Apr 2007 08:34:53 +0900, Dave M G <>

> MySQL and Apache, for instance, both started without me ever having
> to explicitly start them.

Nitpick: your *packaged* versions of MySQL and Apache started because
you have a package manager that starts running things without user
intervention. That in itself is a good reason not to use it IMO.

If I install MySQL here I have to run $PATH_TO_MYSQL/bin/mysqld_safe &
explicitly from the command line. I also have to run "apachectl start"
explicitly in order to run Apache. This is a basic security requirement
so that the admin can give the configuration files a once-over before
opening the services to the 'Net.

G. Stewart -

Ok, I'm just uploading the new version of the kernel, v1.3.33, also
known as "the buggiest kernel ever".
        -- Linus Torvalds

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