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Re: [tlug] Networking two Linux computers harder than Linux to Windows?

Dave M G wrote:
Scott, Arwyn, TLUG,

Thanks for responding.

I will take a look at Scott's web site tomorrow, and also take into account Arwyn's comments.

However, just before I go to bed, I just thought that I should mention that the subject line seems to still be holding true. All these configurations and names and configuration files... wow. This is difficult stuff. Almost makes me wish I hadn't installed Ubuntu on my girlfriend's laptop. If she were running Windows, I'd be connected to her already.


Actually, networking two Linux computers together is easier than Linux to Windows. What is making this hard is your need for samba and connecting to a Windows PC. Using NFS, you can get a Linux to Linux file sharing connection going with a simple:

Server Machine
# echo "/path/to/shared/filesystem <what machines have access>(<options>)" >> /etc/exports
# pkill -HUP nfsd

Client Machine
# echo "<server name>:/path/to/exported/filesystem /path/to/local/mount/point nfs defaults 0 0" >> /etc/fstab
# mount /path/to/local/mount/point

Note1: on the server side you can also use the rc scripts to restart nfs... for ubuntu (and presumably other debian and System V systems) use this command to restart nfs: # /etc/init.d/nfs restart

Note2: on the client the defaults option for /etc/fstab is probably not the best option, but it seems to work for me. In the past I have used some other options related to the size of packets or blocks or something like that.

When I use samba I always change the security type to share rather than user by putting the following line under [global]

   security = share

This does significantly reduce security though as it won't require an username/password so anyone on your LAN can access the share, think anonymous access. However, it does greatly decrease the complexity of samba. Now of course I don't use samba to share file systems to other Linux boxes.

How I do things is setup samba with share level security for only the directories I want the windows clients to access and then use NFS for the Linux to Linux sharing. I also have it configured to share out a couple of the same directories, of course with different permissions on each smb and nfs.

I still haven't read all the threads related to this yet, so hopefully this isn't redundant info.


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