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Re: [tlug] Networking two Linux computers harder than Linux to Windows?

Dave M G <> wrote:
> sudo mount -t smbfs -o 
> username=fileserver,password=[password],uid=`whoami`,fmask=000,dmask=000 
> // /home/`whoami`/Network
> Error connecting to (Connection refused)
> 5097: Connection to failed
> SMB connection failed
> What is not clear to me is where the refusal is happening. So far as I 
> can tell, I've opened the permissions on all the relevant directories. I 
> think I have the right names and passwords.

I would check:

- If the smb daemons running on
  run 'ps ax' and see if 'smbd' and 'nmbd' are running.

- If the daemons are actually listening
  run 'netstat -tuln' and see if the smb ports (TCP 137, 139, 445,
  UDP 137, 138, 445) are in the list, and note if they are listening
  on the correct addresses.

- If your firewall is blocking the connections
  run '/sbin/iptables -L -n' and check if the above ports are blocked
  at your firewall.  (It will either be DROPed explicitly or implicitly
  at the end of the INPUT chain usually)

  Not sure how you change it in Ubuntu, perhaps somebody on this list
  can help.  In general you don't want to open those ports to the world,
  only your local network segment (192.168.0.x/24 in your example) or
  ideally your GF's computer only.

You can also try connecting locally from your fileserver using the loopback addresss  If this succeeds you know at least the daemons are running correctly.

Also, it seems that this is related to you not being able to connect by name, since if nmbd is running correctly you should be able to.  You can try again once you get samba working correctly with IP addresses, though I wouldn't bother if your computer's IP doesn't change frequently.

Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee <>

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