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Re: [tlug] Networking two Linux computers harder than Linux to Windows?

On Wed, Apr 04, 2007 at 08:12:21PM +0900, Dave M G wrote:
> But when I get to this command, I'm a little lost:
> sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=[network user],password=[network 
> pass],uid=`whoami`,gid=`whoami`,fmask=000,dmask=000 //[whatever you named the 
> Samba server]/[network user] /home/`whoami`/Network
> I don't recall naming the Samba server. I named my workgroup "LAN". I named the 
> Samba user on my machine to be "fileserver". But I don't know what the name of 
> my samba server would be.
> How do I know what my Samba server is named?

Ask it.  :) It would be in  your smb.conf file.  
I have a page on samba at

It mentions using -I as in IP address.  You could use something like

mount -t smbfs -I //
/fileserver is her username on the samba server's name.  That name
would actually be the hostname, as long as the client machine knows the
hostname--it should be in the client machine's /etc/hosts (or lmhosts on
Windows--however, the idea is that the server machine knows its owns
name.  So the server machine should have an entry in /etc/hosts like     fileserver


Scott Robbins

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