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Re: [tlug] At my wits end and completely desperate (wacom problem)

Dave Gutteridge wrote:

But I also have to deal with the results. And the results are such that for literally months, over half a year even, it's been a series of getting suggestions, following through, not getting expected results, and then losing the interest of the person who made the initial suggestion. By "losing the interest", I should qualify that I don't really know how or what anyone thinks out there in mailing list land, just that for whatever reason, it's hard to get follow up advice.

I imagine at least part of the problem is due to the difference between different distros. People with the same version of the same distro and discussing the exact same issue end up with better results. For example, I had some weird problems with Ubuntu when following advice from Debian users. Ubuntu is based on Debian, but there are differences....

The randomness and time needed in getting results from the Linux community at large has just reached a breaking point. I was very serious with my offer to pay someone to help. I really aspire to do less fiddling with Linux and more actual work using Linux. Because of my intention to do graphics work, and an issue with RCS, the tablet is a big deal for me. But I wonder why it is that no one is at all interested in taking the offer of payment for minor support issues. Is it because people already have jobs so well paying or time consuming that payment doesn't incentivise? Is it because there's no guarantee that doing something like installing a Wacom tablet can be met with success? Is it because no one really has enough expertise in that area? Is it a philosophical resistance to making transactions for assistance?

I would have been interested in helping and making money to boot (pun half-intended), but I don't know how to at this point, so there's nothing I can do. But for the past ten years, starting with Brand-W machines, I discovered that no better sleep deprivation device is known to bipeds that the computer....

In my case, one reason I use a KVM switch and run test boxes, is so I can try out different distros in the never-ending search for things that "just work". The most recent thing is that SuSE wouldn't go into a Fujitsu FMV 6000-SL box (it seemed to be loading fine, but then hung) so I tried putting in Kubuntu, which went in fine. Anyway, I know what you mean. I don't have the answer, but I know what you mean.

Ah! One idea might be to try something like Turbo Linux Fuji (about Y14,000), which comes with 60 days of support, ATOK, StarOffice-8, etc. Also, pick up a Y10,000 test box or two or three to run different distros on to see if another distro works better for that?

Not very useful I know, but.....


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