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Re: [tlug] At my wits end and completely desperate (wacom problem)

Dave Gutteridge wrote:
> But I also have to deal with the results. And the results are such that 
> for literally months, over half a year even, it's been a series of 
> getting suggestions, following through, not getting expected results, 
> and then losing the interest of the person who made the initial 
> suggestion. By "losing the interest", I should qualify that I don't 
> really know how or what anyone thinks out there in mailing list land, 
> just that for whatever reason, it's hard to get follow up advice.
If you want help you have to provide specific details.  What suggestions
have you got, specifically what have you tried.  Specifically what
hardware do you have.  Is the hardware known to work under GNU/Linux or
just presumed to work.  Last time I checked Wacom claimed to have no
support for GNU/Linux which means the drivers have been created by a
third party who may not have had the required information to properly
implement whatever protocol the device uses.  Ultimately you will have
to fix this, but if you give us the details we will probably be able to


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