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[tlug] At my wits end and completely desperate (wacom problem)


I have a snazzy new computer, and I'm all set to do some graphics work with it. I've installed Ubuntu Dapper on it. Overall everything works fine. Even my printer and Palm Pilot work fine.

But it feels like I have been fighting with my Wacom tablet since the dawn of time. This is not a recent thing. Over the last six months or more, I've tried getting my Wacom to work on Fedore Core 4, Centos, and Ubuntu 5.10. Basically, with my last machine I had essentially given up on it because I had made the plan to upgrade, and so it didn't make sense to keep fighting when I knew the new computer would probably require the same fight all over again.

So here I am with the new computer. And I have been up and down the Linuxwacom site and whatever other resources I could find on the web.

Part of the problem is that the linuxwacom mailing list is both very low traffic, and very fickle. By fickle I mean that one is lucky to get a response at all, and if the advice you get doesn't work the first time, one can pretty much forget about getting any follow up clarifications.

Another part of the problem is that people on other mailing lists, like the Ubuntu list, just don't seem to be as informed about it.

One gets the distinct impression that it should be possible to use a Wacom tablet on a Linux machine, and there is no reason to suspect that an Ubuntu machine would make additional barriers.

But I just can't get it to work.

I am really losing my cool over this now.

Is there anyone here who knows enough about xorg.conf and drivers who can help me out of the woods?

Would anyone bite if I offered to pay for the service of getting my tablet to work? Could I trade you my old computer? Seriously, I am at wits end and I am desperate for some kind break in this ongoing battle with my Wacom. I really need to just get this thing fixed and get on with my work and life.

If anyone is interested in cutting a deal or has any solid advice to offer, please, let me know.

Dave M G

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