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Re: [tlug] Broadband Options?

Brett Robson <> wrote:
> Josh Glover wrote:
> >
> >I will need some Internet access, preferably broadband (despite
> >dial-up being slow, my laptop has a LoseModem, so I would probably
> >have to buy an external to use dial-up).

That seems to be a not-so-frequently asked FAQ :-)  There are lots of
sites providing such information in Japanese, but not much in English
that I've seen.  Maybe TLUG can start a web-site/wiki on this?

In my experience, once Broadband is set up, it is mostly pain-free/rarely
needs support, so you can probably focus on price and ask somebody to
help you sign up, which hopefully only happens once.

To add to the excellent answers:

> You need 2 services, which you apply for separately but coordinatedly (!).
> *  a Type-1 Telecommunication Carrier that run the wires into your 
> house.

Or a Carrier that leases the wire from the Tier-1.  eAccess or Acca are
examples for ADSL.

Oh, and for any ADSL you'll probably need to sign up for phone service
as well, it is not much cheaper otherwise even if available.  Not sure
for NTT B-Flet's/KDDI's FTTH.  USEN/PoweredCom FTTH are independent of
phone service.

> * a Type-2 Telecommunication Carrier, ie an ISP that does authorization, 
> gives you mail, peer to peer and upstream to the rest of the world.

And there are lots of options here, you can choose based on
price/feature(e.g. fixed IP or not?, ISP-specific content) etc.

There are also Internet service that comes in-house with some newer
buildings.  You probably won't find many of these apartments for rent,
though if you do you are probably forced to pay for the service (included
in the monthly management fee).

ISPs that run on Flet's/B-Flet's uses PPPoE and are relatively easy to
switch (sign up for new ISP and keep the (B-)Flet's service, uses new
ISP account to connect, cancel old ISP).

Switching that involves changing the Tier-1 carrier takes longer and
usually results in interruption of service between cancelling the old
one and starting the new one (unless you are adding a new wire).

Also, there's a lot of competition and if you look around you can
probably get 3-6 month's free service provided (1) you sign up the
Tier-1 service through them (which they then receive a kick-back from
the Tier-1), (2) you stay with them long enough (you can cancel early
but need to pay them back for the free period).

Sometimes there are discounts for signing up optional services like IP
Phone (which for International calls are quite a bit cheaper than a

A short, incomplete summary.

NTT Flet's: ADSL (ISP separate), PPPoE
NTT B-Flet's: FTTH (ISP separate), PPPoE
eAccess: ADSL, leases wire from NTT (ISP separate), PPPoA?
ACCA: ADSL, leases wire from NTT (ISP separate), PPPoA?
USEN (for houses): FTTH (ISP included), DHCP, 5 static IPs
USEN (for buildings): FTTH to the building -> VDSL (ISP included), DHCP?
TEPCO Hikari: FTTH (ISP separate), PPPoE?
KDDI Metal Plus: ADSL (ISP & Phone service included), unknown
KDDI Hikari Plus: FTTH (ISP & Phone service included), unknown
Yahoo!BB: ADSL/FTTH, leases wire from NTT (ISP included, IP Phone
service included), DHCP, 1 dynamic IP
Regional Cable TV providers: Cable, mostly DHCP?, depending on provider
sometimes private IP only?
Building: Ethernet, DHCP, depending on provider sometimes private IP

Asahi-net: ISP
So-Net: Sony-group ISP
Biglobe: NEC group ISP

> Yahoo BB is a fake Type 1 and Type 2 company as they don't own any 
> copper. Your telephone line is transfered to them, they have very poor 
> customer support and zero English support. Stay away from them

I wouldn't be that negative.  They are one of the cheapest, gives free
service months when you sign up, lots included in the package, no PPPoE
and there's a good chance that you won't need support once the service
is set up.  Is it the best deal in town?  Depends, but they shouldn't be


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