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Re: [tlug] Broadband Options?

> My priorities are, in this order:
> 1. Lack of contract
> 2. Price (the lower, the better, obviously)
> 3. Reliability
> 4. Speed

Josh I really don't understand what you mean by "lack of contract".
.... but, IMHO you can't go past YahooBB, you can get hooked up for
somewhere around 2000 yen a month. You just plug it in, and it works.
There is no router built into the modem either. For a few hundred yen
more the modem comes with built in wireless... but i have a feeling you
can just stick a wireless nic in the top of the modem and it will work.
I don't know about Tokyo, but in Osaka YahooBB often hands out modems on
the street.
I dunno why Brett complains about support, i have never needed any from
YahooBB, and as far as support in english goes... well i only get that
when i call the australian embassy anyway. 
If all that isn't enough, you also get BBphone included, which means you
can call the US for like 1yen a minute. 

> The reason for priority (1) is that once I find a job, priority (2)
> will drop down the list. When I first arrive, I will need an
> economical solution more than anything. Once I have a steady stream of
> income, I care more about the other factors.

This probably would probably be easier to understand if you had written
it in perl. 


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