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[tlug] Broadband Options?

Most of you probably know by now that I am moving from the US to
Yokohama on September 2. If you do not, re-read that last sentence. ;)

I will need some Internet access, preferably broadband (despite
dial-up being slow, my laptop has a LoseModem, so I would probably
have to buy an external to use dial-up). Poking through the archives,
I have found the following providers of broadband:


I am sure that I am missing some, but these three are all a search for
"broadband" or "dsl" turned up in the archives for the last three
years or so.

Can anyone recommend a good ISP? I would prefer not to open the PPPoE
can of worms, and since I will be running Linux, I need a provider
that requires no software installed (dunno if they do that in Japan).

My priorities are, in this order:

1. Lack of contract
2. Price (the lower, the better, obviously)
3. Reliability
4. Speed

The reason for priority (1) is that once I find a job, priority (2)
will drop down the list. When I first arrive, I will need an
economical solution more than anything. Once I have a steady stream of
income, I care more about the other factors.

Anyway, please recommend a broadband provider, and when you do so,
note the approximate monthly cost, if you know it. And if you have any
information about contracts (or, hopefully, lack thereof), please
mention that, as well. I cannot be too well informed! :)


* Which I would only consider if Brett comes out and does the install
personally! ;)

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