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Re: [tlug] Broadband Options?

Josh Glover wrote:

>Most of you probably know by now that I am moving from the US to
>Yokohama on September 2. If you do not, re-read that last sentence. ;)
>I will need some Internet access, preferably broadband (despite
>dial-up being slow, my laptop has a LoseModem, so I would probably
>have to buy an external to use dial-up). Poking through the archives,
>I have found the following providers of broadband:

You need 2 services, which you apply for separately but coordinatedly (!).

*  a Type-1 Telecommunication Carrier that run the wires into your 
house. NTT has B-FLET'S  100M (fibre) or FLET'S ADSL, TEPCO (Tokyo 
Electric) and Cable TV are the new boys and also provide services. Cabke 
TV internet generally  sucks.

* a Type-2 Telecommunication Carrier, ie an ISP that does authorization, 
gives you mail, peer to peer and upstream to the rest of the world. You 
could waste your time with AsahiNet, OCN (NTT's ISP), or the myriad of 
others or go for GOL Japan's number 1 ISP with the best English support 
by native English speakers and surprisingly sexy engineers . GOL can 
help with the NTT bit.

ADSL can usually be running within a week or so, fibre might take a 
month or more and require persmission from your landlord for 
construction. You will most likely use NTT copper so that will be the 
slowest part of getting set up.

Yahoo BB is a fake Type 1 and Type 2 company as they don't own any 
copper. Your telephone line is transfered to them, they have very poor 
customer support and zero English support. Stay away from them

GOL is a bit more expensive than some but there is probably some 
campaign going for free stuff.

BTW Please don't look at the headers of this message.

>* Which I would only consider if Brett comes out and does the install
>personally! ;)

I provide several options: costumes: French maid, high school girl, nun, 
domanatrix; ask about the others.

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