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Re: [tlug] Broadband Options?

On 8/9/05, Josh Glover <> wrote:
> Most of you probably know by now that I am moving from the US to
> Yokohama on September 2. If you do not, re-read that last sentence. ;)


> Can anyone recommend a good ISP? I would prefer not to open the PPPoE
> can of worms, and since I will be running Linux, I need a provider
> that requires no software installed (dunno if they do that in Japan).

B-Flets for fiber to the home (100Mbit advertised/60Mbit acutual) and
Asahi-net for the ISP. It's around 9,000 yen a month. Yeah, it might
be a little pricy and it uses pppoe, but I have had zero problems and
reliability is fantastic. PPPOE and Linux haven't been an issue
either. Asahi-net gave me 6 months free access and B-Flets gave me 3
months free when I signed up. Be sure to ask about promotion deals
when shopping around for an ISP. Generally speaking you won't get a
deal without asking.

When in town just drop in to the local NTT office and find out what is
available and prices. The NTT office near my place gave me a wide
choice of ISPs to choose from. The rep even persuaded me not to use
NTT's service but rather Asahi-net because it was the best deal at the

As for Asahi-net, they rank high on lack of contract and for a few
hundred yen extra a month you'll get a static global IP address.

My advice is do it right the first time and cry once. ;)


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