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Re: [tlug] Broadband Options?

Josh Glover wrote:

>I will need some Internet access, preferably broadband (despite
>dial-up being slow, my laptop has a LoseModem, so I would probably
>have to buy an external to use dial-up). Poking through the archives,
>I have found the following providers of broadband:

I would also say that Yahoo BB is something to consider.  Especially 
when you consider cost.  True, I haven't been particularly impressed 
with the service beyond the helpful people I talked to when signing up 
for it in the first place, but it's been passable.  It was conducted in 
Japanese, so I wouldn't know about their English abilities, but I've 
found that to be mainly a hit & miss deal anyway.  If you run into 
someone who speaks English, than they do, if you call back in 30 
seconds, you might get someone who doesn't, etc.

ALSO... having been here since 1984 and having been taken to the 
cleaners several times by bloody NTT, I think they should be avoided 
because they're a rotten company ("rotten" as in unethical, etc.).  They 
lower prices to meet competition, but if they succeed in crushing all 
competition, then things will get really bad again.  For this reason 
alone, I think people should try hard to support the competition and not 
those buggers!  In 1984 - there was NO competition in any shape or form 
and - man - did they ever take advantage of that fact!  One very tiny 
example - for 20 f***ing years, they charged me an extra $3 a month for 
touch-tone!  Outrageous!  They just stopped stealing that money every 
month this year!!!  Past history?  Not quite - they will only be civil 
so long as there is competition - so *support* the *competition*!


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