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[tlug] Electronic dictionary/'tango-cho'

Not quite Linux related but ...

I'm looking for a portable electronic device that I can use (or can double
as) a japanese/english dictionary & 'tango-cho'.

By tabgo-cho I mean that it will let me selectively store japanese words
that I have looked up in the dictionary so that I can review them latter.
Even better if it had some kind of testing feature.

I've looked at plain japanese-englsih dictionaries but the ones that do
have tango-cho functionality seem limited at the number of entries one can
save. The best I found was 100 entries. And none had testing functions.

I don't mind going all out for a PDA or something similar if it can offer
the functionality I am looking for or can accept  (already existing)
software that will do the same.

Any advice or experiecnes appreciated,


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