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Re: [tlug] Electronic dictionary/'tango-cho'

On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 01:34:23AM -0800, wrote:
> I've looked at plain japanese-englsih dictionaries but the ones that do
> have tango-cho functionality seem limited at the number of entries one can
> save. The best I found was 100 entries. And none had testing functions.

I think the Zaurus option is definitely worth lookin at.

On the dedicated dictionary front:
The Canon Wordtank has storage of up to 1000 words in 4 tango-chos. And
does include a test function. I have an IDF-4100. The newer models have
some more nifty functions like kanji stroke order and compound lookup.
(Returns a list of compounds containing a given kanji.)

Might be worth a look.


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