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Re: [tlug] Electronic dictionary/'tango-cho'

>>>>> "jci" == jci  <> writes:

    jci> From: Alain Hoang <>
    >> But with a little bit of creativity I think you can adapt a
    >> Sharp Zaurus C7xxx series to do what you want.

    jci> I've seen them at Bic camera but all with Japanese OS'es. And
    jci> my japanese isn't good enough to let me use a PC or any
    jci> device that works in Japanese.  I've asked the sales people
    jci> if they can sell them with english OS'es but they either say
    jci> no or they don't know.

    jci> And if they did sell it with an english version of the OS,
    jci> would it still have the japanese dictionary? Hum ...

    jci> I know that I can change the OS myself, but I wouldn't want
    jci> to lose the nifty features you talked about. And I'm not
    jci> quite ready to start exploring the fun side of installing an
    jci> OS on a Zaurus ... but I might have to ;)

The Zaurus doesn't have a "Japanese" OS, its locale is just switched to
Japanese. You can easily change that and get English menus and still
keep Japanese input. There are even packages for the Zaurus that do
the switching (editing some files) for you.


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