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Re: [tlug] Electronic dictionary/'tango-cho'


On Feb 10, 2005, at 6:34 PM, wrote:

> Not quite Linux related but ...
	Let's try to put this to 'almost linux related'.  :-)

> I'm looking for a portable electronic device that I can use (or can 
> double
> as) a japanese/english dictionary & 'tango-cho'.
> By tango-cho I mean that it will let me selectively store japanese 
> words
> that I have looked up in the dictionary so that I can review them 
> latter.
> Even better if it had some kind of testing feature.

	I've not seen one that has the type of features you want out
of the box.  But with a little bit of creativity I think you can adapt a
Sharp Zaurus C7xxx series to do what you want.  I've been using
one (C760) as a dictionary for awhile now and have been very happy
with it as that.  Since the Japanese Zaurus has built-in
Japanese handwriting recognition it has helped speed up my lookup
of kanji by a factor ranging from 2-5.
	Once you enter words into the jisho section there is a
little history bar that holds a small number of entries that you
have selected earlier.   But since this is a PDA you can just
select the entry you're interested in and copy and paste it into
a text document for later perusal.  That should be able to
overcome your 100 word issue.  I admit that might be a
little clumsy if you're in a rush, though.

	The newer 3000 series might have niftier features but
I've not really test drive that one at all yet.  But a built in
4G HDD option does sound certainly spiffy.


"It took only twenty five years for the overhead projector
to make it from the bowling alley to the classroom.
I'm optimistic about academic computing; I've begun
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