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Re: [tlug] Electronic dictionary/'tango-cho'

Edward Wright wrote:

> The Canon Wordtank has storage of up to 1000 words in 4 tango-chos. 
> And does include a test function. I have an IDF-4100. The newer models
> have some more nifty functions like kanji stroke order and compound 
> lookup. (Returns a list of compounds containing a given kanji.)

The wordtanks lack handwritten input. That's the most important factor 
for me, and the reason I've been using Zauri since 1998, from the 
proprietary PI and MI series to the current Linux models. The latter are
very easy to convert to English, by the way, TLUG's own Stuart Bouyer 
wrote the script. :)

Ulrich Plate
PS: Thanks to Ulrike for advertising our little Zaurus Otaku Kurabu 
here. Note that most of the information at the ZOK site and mailing list
deal with the MI series models. Check 
for non-Japanese users of the Linux models.

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