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Re: [tlug] kanji dictionary

Brett Robson wrote:

> I don't think it quite as clear cut as that, the Zaurus and IME 
> have different philosophy. IME is not really a substitute for a 
> keyboard whereas the Zaurus is. The Zaurus system tries to 
> analyse the entire kanji, whereas IME tries to match parts of an 
> incompletely drawn kanji

That's not what I meant. I know it can do that, too (don't like it
myself much), but I was actually talking about whole-character-matching
in MS IME for a direct comparison, which was an option in the MS IMEpad
since Windows CE 2.something on NEC MobileGear and similar handhelds,
and is currently still done pretty much the same way on PocketPCs. No
idea if the equivalent exists in the IME for PCs, all I've ever used was
the PDA version. And that of course was for touchscreen input with a
stylus, not a mouse.

Ulrich Plate

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