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Re: [tlug] kanji dictionary

Joe Larabell wrote:

> I ran across this site before when I was looking for a dictionary for
> the SL-C700. It does look like a very good option for those with
> MI-series systems. Do you have any idea if/when ZPDVIEW will be
> available for the SL-series? Is the source available?

Yes, the source is available. No, you don't want to touch that thing for
the SL series... :) The guy who originally wrote it did it in a
five-hour frenzy on a boring Saturday afternoon, and you will not like
what you see. One of the ZOKers, Hans Martin Kraemer, has started
mending and bending some of the code, and the functionality for the MI
series is very nice now, but no attempts have been made to port it to
the new Zauri. Most people are using Babbletower on the SL models,
that's a Java application, but one hell of a good one, written by yet
another ZOKer, Alexander Vollschwitz. More powerful than ZPDVIEW, bit
greedy in terms of space because of the index files, but blazingly fast,
and virtually no limitations to the number and quality of dictionaries
inside. Runs on PCs, too, by the way... :)

Ulrich Plate

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