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Re: [tlug] kanji dictionary

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, Anthony Cunningham wrote:

> > Now if they just had a cell phone built in so I didn't need two devices
>    Not sure if it would work but if you were feeling adventurous you could use
> a compact flash PHS card.

According to what I've read (take it with a grain of salt, since I read it
in Japanese ;-), the SL-C700 with the right PHS card can *recieve* calls
(you obviously also need the earphone/mic gizmo) but there is no way to
*place* calls. Given that part of the solution is there and this is, after
all, an open source platform, I am hoping that someone will eventually
come up with a driver that allows the Z to work like a keitai.

OTOH, are you sure you want to be forced to carry something the size of
the Z around with you all the time just so you can make phone calls?


On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, Ulrich Plate wrote:

> Just rest the stylus on the input area, you can leave it there
> indefinitely while thinking about the rest of the kanji you want to
> draw. The timeout only applies after you lift the stylus.

I do that but I've always wondered if that counts as a stroke. In other
words, I've always been careful to make sure I rest the stylus somewhere
around where the next stroke would probably start. Have you any experience
resting it in some random place and later changing your mind? Does it
still do a good job recognizing the character?

BTW... One more related comment to the original poster. If you're looking
at buying one of the older Zaurus models for use as a dictionary, keep in
mind that the later MI series (the one with the keyboard under the slide-
down panel) and the SI series do *not* come with the dictionary software
by default. It now comes on a seperate SD card that sets you back another
$100 or so (and occupies the SD slot).

Joe Larabell -- Synopsys VCS Support      US:   Japan: larabell@?jp

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