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Re: [tlug] kanji dictionary

> i wouldn't recommend buying the SL-A300 by the way but rather the latest one ,
> I don't know the model number...

It's SL-C700. I have one and it's definately worth the price.

The native Sharp character recognition is also on the SL-C700 (and the
SL-A300, for that matter). The only real drawback is that it has a very
short and non-adjustable timeout. For that reason, you probably want
KanjiNirvana anyway -- at least until you can draw the characters in fast
enough that you don't timeout the native kanji input. As far as I can
tell, KaNi will wait forever for you to draw the character on the pad.

Also, if *cheap* is the prime objective, just about all of the Zaurus
models from the past decade (maybe more) have kanji handwriting
recognition built-in. And the older MI-series have E-J/J-E/Kanji
dictionaries built in -- all in Japanese, of course.

Joe Larabell -- Synopsys VCS Support      US:   Japan: larabell@?jp

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