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Re: [tlug] kanji dictionary

Ulrich Plate wrote:
> That said, the Zaurus
> handwriting recognition engine is the best you can find in any device,
> beyond any comparison to AXE's Nunome, much better than Microsoft's IME
> pad, and even still outperforming ATOK. 

I don't think it quite as clear cut as that, the Zaurus and IME 
have different philosophy. IME is not really a substitute for a 
keyboard whereas the Zaurus is. The Zaurus system tries to 
analyse the entire kanji, whereas IME tries to match parts of an 
incompletely drawn kanji

When you have a large screen available and keyboard I think the 
IME approach is better, although drawing kanji with a mouse takes 
a bit of practice and it requires a lot of CPU power.


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