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Re: [tlug] Mandrake vs. Red Hat

Matt Doughty wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 05, 2002 at 01:37:36PM -0400, Josh Glover wrote:
>>I knew this thread would touch off a flamewar!
> Wow I must be getting really crufty. I didn't even know I was starting
> a flame war. I don't even have my asbestos wardrobe handy. ;)

Yeah, and my flame thrower don't work so well anymore.

>>Come on, "everything else is better"!? Care to quantify or qualify that 
>>statement in some way?

Och, that bit of prose came back to bite me!

> Ok. I was mostly just abusing hyberbole, but since you asked I will try
> qualify. I judge distros on two major points:
> 1. package system: It should be trivial to add and remove software for
> 2. visibility of the system: in other words can I easily see how the

Those are pretty good criteria. I had not thought about it much, but 
that is more or less the same way *I* judge a system.

I think the reason that we disagree is that I started out on Redhat, and 
am pretty used to how things are laid out. Thus, I am less offended when 
something is not "where it should be" according to the Way of Unix.

However, when I moved into Solaris and some other Linux distros, I did 
not have much trouble getting settled in, so I don't think Redhat has 
forced me into complacancy! ;)

> I love gentoo though it still needs to work out a few issues. I really
> need to find the time to push through a configurable prefix for protage.
> Still as much as I love gentoo I would hesitate to put it on a server.

Why not? (I am just curious, not trying to say you are wrong.)

I actually *prefer* Gentoo on my servers because I don't install X (and 
have to go through all the configuring that it entails), and I trust it 
a bit more.

> Yes, you can config RH from the command line.  The problem is they have
> munged up etc a bit to make there tools work. I'm obviously exagerating
> but I can't recommend a distro that makes thing more difficult to follow
> in the name of gui config tools.

How about Mandrake (which Jim Breen is rumoured to have done some work on)?

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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