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Re: [tlug] MySQL vs Oracle

>>>>> "Matt" == Matt Doughty <> writes:

    Matt> On Wed, Jun 05, 2002 at 05:03:14PM +0900, Matt Doughty
    Matt> wrote:

    >> This seems to a be a common myth.  Oracle is more robust than
    >> alot of the free solutions. Especially in the area of
    >> replication/clustering, but there is no evidence to support
    >> this.

Oh, it's quite obvious that Oracle is more _robust_ to data corruption
than MySQL.  And it is likely better than PostgreSQL.

    Matt> large data sets are involved), and more often then not it is
    Matt> slower.

This is a side effect of using transactions.

Note that the page I cite previously has several MySQL users saying
the MySQL is _much slower_ than an ACID, transaction-oriented RDBMS
(Oracle or PostgreSQL) when frequent updates are occurring with fairly
continuous read access, because MySQL has to lock the whole table to
get speed.

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