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Re: [tlug] Mandrake vs. Red Hat

Josh Glover ( wrote:

> How about Mandrake (which Jim Breen is rumoured to have done some work on)?

Anyone who thinks Red Hat gets in the way too much would probably rather
die than use Mandrake.  The extent to which Mandrake gets between you
and the bare metal is truly astonishing.  Which is why my foray into
Mandrake lasted less than 72 hours before I fdisked it out of existence
and put Woody in its place.

There are things that Mandrake gets fairly right, but the the things
that they get wrong (by making them difficult or impossibly to do
without Mandrake config tools, and making those tools not good enough
(firewall configuration in Mandrake doesn't even come close to
offering decent granularity like you could get from just editing
/etc/sysconfig/ipchains in RH; even lokkit is better) are very wrong


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