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Re: [tlug] File-sharing

> I've been very happy with NextCloud.  I run it out of a Linux VM with
> ZFS for the storage.  I host it myself, but there are a lot of managed
> solutions for it as well.

This is the one I've looked at most. But their pricing for the hosted
version is done by number of users, and expensive (e.g. 20-30x Dropbox

The /vm you posted earlier looks interesting. Is it just for a single
machine? To use it in a work environment, I'd need to install it on two
or three cloud servers, and have them automatically be syncing, and
automatically be handling fail-over.  If it did that out of the box, so
all I have to do on each machine is as trivial as:
   ./start --other-machines=,

then that is worth a serious look!

I also took a long look at Syncthing about a year ago. See
Again, the problem was the perceived amount of effort it would take to
have a solution that I felt would be as always on and reliable as Dropbox. looks to be new, since I last looked at ownCloud. I'll
have to try that out.


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