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Re: [tlug] File-sharing (was: Books for free)

> That's probably not the most efficient way to get the word out...

Actually, I think it is rather efficient. (I did the same when giving
away books.)

But, if I can hijack your thread to ask what people here are using
instead of Dropbox? Either to post odd photos like this, or within work

It has been Linux unfriendly for over a year (won't work on an encrypted
partition, but for no good reason), so I'd switched to just using the
web version, but then they started using the World's Worst Captcha (*)

My ideal is something that is open source, so I could run a private
server (e.g. for a specific project), but where a company is also
running it as a global-scale cloud service, that is roughly in the price
range of Dropbox.


*: I literally had to roll animals around... and they treated me as a
robot if I was sloppy and irritated by their patronizing attitude, but
treated me as a human if I was careful and precise.
(It was related to switching a VPN on and off, by the way.)

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