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Re: [tlug] Dropbox Linux Client (was: File-sharing (was: Books for free))

BTW, a Dropbox competitor called Tresorit seems to work fine on Linux (at least I've had no trouble with it so far) and, according to their marketing materials, they use the same sort of zero-knowledge encryption that Spider Oak was [somewhat] famous for -- meaning your data is encrypted in-situ as well as in-transit and they have no way of decoding it without your password. Of course, I don't have the means of verifying that but I'm assuming a huge public flap would ensue if it turned out they were lying about that part of the story ;-).

If one were planning on backing the data up in the cloud anyway, what would be the advantage of self-hosting (assuming, of course, you were using a cloud platform where the platform provider didn't have access to your unencrypted data)? Is it only a cost issue?

On Fri, Jun 7, 2019 at 10:29 PM Darren Cook <> wrote:
>> It has been Linux unfriendly for over a year (won't work on an encrypted
>> partition, but for no good reason)....
> Well, I'm currently using Dropbox on at least six different Linux
> hosts, all with encrypted partitions, ...

This is the "accepted solution", i.e. the official Dropbox response:

If you are encrypted in such a way that it still tells the dropbox
client it is an ext4 filesystem, I think you might get away with it?


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