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Re: [tlug] Dropbox Linux Client (was: File-sharing (was: Books for free))

On 2019-06-07 22:39 +0900 (Fri), Joe Larabell wrote:

> If one were planning on backing the data up in the cloud anyway, what would
> be the advantage of self-hosting (assuming, of course, you were using a
> cloud platform where the platform provider didn't have access to your
> unencrypted data)? Is it only a cost issue?

Yes, it's totally a cost issue. A cloud VM's CPU, memory, on-line disk
storage and (for folks in Japan, at least) bandwith are all many times
more expensive over a 1-2 year period than just buying your own
consumer hardware and using your home Internet connection with a
static IP address. Cloud VMs make sense only when you're using them to
replace a data-centre installation with its associated rental and
labour costs.

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