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Re: [tlug] File-sharing

On 2019-06-07 17:14 +0900 (Fri), Stephen Lasseter wrote:

> On 6/7/19 4:19 PM, Darren Cook wrote:
> I've been very happy with NextCloud.

What do they offer in terms of backup and failover solutions? If I
were going to run my own file sync server, it would make sense to run
it off my home Internet (presumably with ports tweaked so as not to
interfere with other things on that static IP) but to have regular
backups of the data, a restore procedure and a server ready to spin up
in AWS, Google Cloud or similar (obviously in a non-Asian region) for
when the nukes start flying or whatever.

It's of course possible just to keep a sync'd copy of the data online,
but that a _lot_ more expensive than using storage designed for
backup. If, for example, I had 750 GB of data and wanted to have some
room for expansion, I might use a 1 TB EBS "st1" (basically, cheap
rotating disk) volume which would cost almost $600/year. If that 750
GB of data archives and compresses down to 400 GB, that would cost
about $20/year to store in Glacier. Beyond that, the bandwidth costs
should be lower for one external (to AWS) source backing up to AWS
than serving everything from there would be.

Also they seem to have a bit of work to do on the devices/appliances
front. I had a look at <> and the
picture at the top shows them using some terribly ancient computer
full of 7400-series parts (I can read the top of a 74LS240N--not even
HS!) that is going to be incredibly slow, huge, and power-hungry.
I'd be surprised if it uses even a 16-bit processor!

Curt J. Sampson      <>      +81 90 7737 2974

To iterate is human, to recurse divine.
    - L Peter Deutsch

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