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Re: [tlug] File-sharing

On Fri, 7 Jun 2019, at 14:12, Curt Sampson wrote:
> What do they offer in terms of backup and failover solutions? If I
> were going to run my own file sync server, it would make sense to run
> it off my home Internet (presumably with ports tweaked so as not to
> interfere with other things on that static IP) but to have regular
> backups of the data, a restore procedure and a server ready to spin up
> in AWS, Google Cloud or similar (obviously in a non-Asian region) for
> when the nukes start flying or whatever.

I'm using a Synology appliance at home with RAID1. Their appliance OS is pretty good and is built with points such as this in mind, that is, offsite backups can be made automatically to rsync servers, public clouds etc with the added option of client-side encryption. Very flexible package.

To address another point in this thread about the NextCloud appliances offered being old hardware, Synology appliances may be newer but still much less beefy than a custom-built storage server. The beefier the more expensive, however even the entry-level Synologys have good performance, considering the only thing they should do is handle data, fast.  What you're mostly paying for is their OS software and not the hardware.

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