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Re: [tlug] Install languages

(I just wrote a reply, but it seemed to vanished into thin air ...)
On 2015/10/29 2:56, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
Yes, if you want to customize your system, you need to learn something
about it.  That's true of Windows, too.  The tuition is a lot more
expensive with Windows, though, and very few users do more than change
the wallpaper.
Yes, of course, you are right.
Sometimes I pretend to understand, that everything is my own fault/deficiency and I need to study more. But .. over the 8 years I am trying to get closer to Linux, I have spent quite literally "hundreds of hours" toiling around.
Yet .. I am still not "getting anywhere".
The recent heavy work with my Mint installations (2 PCs) seems to show some glimpses of hope at the horizon. Since I am going (trying) to replace the work machine in my acupuncture clinic (currently Win XP) with a Mint installation, I would like, with your permission, continue to bother the list with my rather uneducated questions.

If I may make a feeble attempt at defending myself ...
In MOST cases I ALWAYS stick to the default settings. Mostly because I have no idea, what the other options mean. But working also as a translation with three languages requires, that I do tweak some settings -
almost entirely related to languages (see my recent posts here).
I "need" those customizations to make my work a little easier.
In general they are not very exotic:
*    choosing English as system language while living in Japan
*    changing keyboard layouts
*    installing language packs (incl. dictionaries etc.)
*    enabling Japanese input            etc.

But maybe the OS views these things differently.

Greetings from Hayama

  > No offense, but this is A LOT more unstable and troublesome than
  > the much despised MS stuff.

"No offense, but" from your computer's point of view, *you* are "A LOT
more unstable and troublesome" than the typical Linux user is.  If you
treated your Ubuntu/Mint system the way you would *have* to treat
Windows (only select the absolute minimum of additional options and
never ever refuse to install the installer's default selections) it
would probably work quite well.  "Accept the defaults" works just fine
for many users.

Remember, Microsoft and Apple each spend on the order of a billion
dollars a year on quality assurance to make sure that users get that
"Install -> let's go" experience (not that it's ever been 100% with
any Windows system I've used, and even Macs have gotten a lot more
fragile since Snow Leopard).  Even so, they succeed (95% isn't bad ;-)
only because they do take that freedom to customize away from you as
much as they can.  (And even more so with handhelds than with desktop
systems. :-( )

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