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Re: [tlug] Install languages

> "Warning: no support fo the locale en_US.utf8"
> ...
> Is there a way out of this, ...

I think the lesson is that optimization is the root of all evil. Or, in
other words, don't un-install auto-installed packages just because you
don't need them. (*)

Mint and Ubuntu are for people who want knowledgeable people to decide
what is best for them, and have them make sure it all works together.
(That is why I use Mint, anyway.)

> where the default choice was "maintain current package". I chose that 
> option.

>From many times updating ubuntu and mint, I've learnt two things:

  Advice A: always choose the default

  Advice B: unless you know you've edited a file, and want your changes
kept, always update to the latest version of a file.

But advice A and advice B appear to be in conflict here :-(


*: I've hit that error before. Some packages probably have en_US.utf8 as
a dependency.
In my case `locale` lists that everything is in en_GB.utf8, but `locale
-a` shows I have tons of locales installed (including en_US.utf8).

I just looked up some server setup notes I have, and I run these two
commands as root:

locale-gen en_GB.UTF-8
update-locale LANG=en_US.UTF-8

My notes are saying that these should be the default, but that Ubuntu
14.04 on Amazon EC2 is acting weird.

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