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[tlug] Install languages

Good afternoon
Yesterday night I erased everything and replaced kubuntu with Mint 17.2;
clean install.
Went basically well, installed a number of applications,
including ibus, the ibus-mozc engine and a German keyboard.
The install comes with 20 something languages, most of which I do not
need. So I removed them.
Newly installed German.

With the Japanese however (this was the same on all other
machines/flavors) it says:
"some language packages are missing".
OK. I know that. But when I click install, I get the error message:
"Could not apply changes" Fix broken packages first."

This is something I am seeing the first time ever.
A quick test (had not yet the time to play with thing) with a text
editor shows, that entering
Japanese, English and German works normal.

There are no error messages other than the one given above.
How do I know which package(s) is broken?
Is there something I COULD/SHOULD do about this?
Removing Japanese once and try from scratch did not change anything.

Thank you in advance

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