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Re: [tlug] Install languages

On 2015/10/28 18:59, Scott Robbins wrote:
On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 03:43:09PM +0900, Thomas wrote:
Good afternoon
Yesterday night I erased everything and replaced kubuntu with Mint 17.2;
clean install.
Went basically well, installed a number of applications,
including ibus, the ibus-mozc engine and a German keyboard.
The install comes with 20 something languages, most of which I do not
need. So I removed them.
Newly installed German.
I much prefer fcitx on Mint (as well as others--for what it is worth, I
believe Ubuntu and its offshoots have dropped ibus, in part because it's
become problematic.

I have fairly detailed instructions for Japanese (with fcitx) on Mint 17.1
and 17. at

Yes, I know. And THANK YOU for those instructions.
However, right now I am not under the impression, ibus is causing any of the problems I am experiencing ...
Maybe if I have to reinstall the whole thing.
(personally, I do not like anything that carries the label "Chinese" any longer ...)

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