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Re: [tlug] Install languages

Hi Thomas,

On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 6:03 PM, Thomas Blasejewicz <> wrote:
> On 2015/10/28 18:12, Raymond Wan wrote:
> I also tried (... probably a mistake ...) sudo apt-get upgrade.
> The computer did lots of things I do not understand for almost an hour.
> At the end of which there was a short message:
> "Warning: no support fo the locale en_US.utf8"

Does this help:

By the way, if it's a general Ubuntu problem, the web
site is pretty good.  I've solved many problems thanks to questions
there (sometimes asked by me, sometimes asked by others before me).  I
don't know how similar Mint is to Ubuntu, but maybe that site could

> And something (sorry, I did not take notes about those) about packages
> already on the system,
> where the default choice was "maintain current package". I chose that
> option.

I'm with what Darren said.  If it's a configuration file I know I
changed before, I take a copy and then compare it later line-by-line.
(I found kompare to be very useful here.)  If I know I didn't change
it, I just use the updated version of the file.  It might bring in a
new configuration option...

> After restarting the computer not only does the language install still
> not work, but LibreOffice, at least Writer,
> has also gone haywire.

Haywire?  Define haywire?  I suppose you can uninstall and install it
again.  And try creating a new user account and running LibreOffice
with that.  Sometimes a program goes "haywire" because of some old
user configuration files in your home directory that are not
compatible with a new version of an OS.  Also just had that problem

> Is there a way out of this, or do I have to try reinstall from scratch
> everything ... again, for the millionth time?
> Having all these problems thrown at me all the time is really frustrating.

Well, if it's a problem that isn't preventing the system from being
used, then you can ignore it until another day when you've had your
daily dose of coffee.  :-)  It looks like the error message you saw
above is from running "apt"?  Or installing missing packages for
Japanese?  If it's either scenario, then just wait until next time to
deal with it...

I have a few problems with my system that is on my to-do list.  Some
keep moving down the to-do list until an update to the system fixes
it.  ;-)

> I would very much prefer something like: Install -> let's go.

Most updates of Ubuntu are trouble-free for me.  I just moved over to
Ubuntu 15.10 and no major problems except for a package that I use
frequently disappeared from this version of Ubuntu...  <grumble>

I think once you solve your language problems with your system, future
updates should be fine...


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