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Re: [tlug] Install languages


I want let you know that Japanese langpack of 14.04 is having trouble now,
even it's actually have impact you

See this mail (in Japanese).

Sorry if I misunderstood because I haven't read whole this thread...


2015年10月28日(水) 22:14 Thomas Blasejewicz <>:
On 2015/10/28 19:39, Darren Cook wrote:
>> "Warning: no support fo the locale en_US.utf8"
>> ...
>> Is there a way out of this, ...
> I think the lesson is that optimization is the root of all evil. Or, in
> other words, don't un-install auto-installed packages just because you
> don't need them. (*)
> Mint and Ubuntu are for people who want knowledgeable people to decide
> what is best for them, and have them make sure it all works together.
> (That is why I use Mint, anyway.)
>> where the default choice was "maintain current package". I chose that
>> option.
> >From many times updating ubuntu and mint, I've learnt two things:
>    Advice A: always choose the default
>    Advice B: unless you know you've edited a file, and want your changes
> kept, always update to the latest version of a file.
> But advice A and advice B appear to be in conflict here :-(
> Darren
> *: I've hit that error before. Some packages probably have en_US.utf8 as
> a dependency.
> In my case `locale` lists that everything is in en_GB.utf8, but `locale
> -a` shows I have tons of locales installed (including en_US.utf8).
> I just looked up some server setup notes I have, and I run these two
> commands as root:
> locale-gen en_GB.UTF-8
> update-locale LANG=en_US.UTF-8
> My notes are saying that these should be the default, but that Ubuntu
> 14.04 on Amazon EC2 is acting weird.
Is that it?
I have been reading everywhere, Linux is giving the user freedom = the
freedom to customize all sorts of things.
A thousand times already the tiniest little change (customization) I
"implemented" - probably did wrong anyway -
sent the entire system over the edge and unless you are a computer
specialist ( I am clearly NOT), the ONLY way
to restore something more normal is to reinstall everything.
I have done this (more precisely was forced to) quite literally a
hundred times or more.
No offense, but this is A LOT more unstable and troublesome than the
much despised MS stuff.

Right now, I am trying to reinstall LibreOffice (after trying to
"completely" removing it).
If that does not work .. it may be time to switch to the reinstall plan.
Or is there still hope?

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