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Re: [tlug] Peeling onions.

>>>>> "MB" == hr  <Martin> writes:

    MB> i beg to differ, in fact i skip reading most of the usual
    MB> linux q&a stuff unless the topic touches my work. for the most
    MB> part i am interested exactly in those side topics. i am
    MB> curious to try things like plan9 or hurd, but unfortunately i
    MB> don't have any spare hardware to do so.

    MB> so all i have left is reading about it until some spare
    MB> hardware falls into my lap.

I told a co-worker about Plan9, and he got the vmware image running in
half an hour (well, we couldn't find a shell prompt, but that's a
different issue :). I'm planning to try the live CD as soon as time
permits. (My point is you don't need additional hardware to try it).

Uva, thanks for the interesting threads, BTW :)



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