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Re: [tlug] Peeling onions.

On Tue, 8 Mar 2005 00:47:35 -0000 (GMT),
<> wrote:
> >>>>>> "Uva" == Uva Coder <> writes:
> >
> >     Uva> I wonder what other possibilities are available if GNU was
> >     Uva> dropped and we started with new compilers and used
> >     Uva> different tools/utilities?
> That could be taken in many different ways.
> Do you mean that Linux systems use so much runtime GNU software
> (shellutils, bash, textutils, libc etc.)?

Well, look at the problems that we are trying to solve. Would we want
to recreate the same thing we have now or would we want to try
something different? I'm afraid that the GNU and Windows paradigms
have left us with a shallow understanding of how to solve problems. We
make too many assumptions based on their paradigms. If you're dying
for an example just look at the different ways how Linux does
security. Fedora uses one method, SuSE another, Debian another... 
Before someone says that diversity is a good thing, let me point out
that we wouldn't need to do this if we rethought the problem and
worked out a new solution; instead we get band-aids.
I figure no one here is interested in research anyway. It seems to me
that the prevalent idea on this mailing list is "if it isn't useful
for me in getting a Linux (or whatever) certification then it isn't
worth the discussion; other paradigms won't make me money anyway". 
"Let me defend my moneymaker, don't create unnecessary change".


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