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Re: [tlug] Peeling onions.

On Tue, 8 Mar 2005 00:47:35 -0000 (GMT),
<> wrote:

> - The HURD, for all its faults, is a great environment for experimenting
> with user-level APIs and filesystems, because you can effectively replace
> OS functionality.  It's nice to be able to write a new FS and not crash
> the system, or experiment with authentication systems.  (Yes, Plan9 is the
> same in this respect, but bastardising C was a bad idea and the licence is
> crap.)

Hahaha, I'll be sure to let Ken Thompson know that he bastarized C.
He'll get a good kick out of that. I think you should try it before
you make such an assumption.

As for the Lucent Public License, it is an open source license.
Perhaps you don't like the clause about nuclear munitions. ;-) If it
makes you feel better Theo hates the license too. He's been waiting to
drop the GNU compilers for the Plan 9 (Ken) C compilers for some time
now. Once Plan 9 goes to a BSD license you'll hear more people singing
its praises. ;-) I hate to think that technical merits are based on
licensing schemes, but oh well.


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