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Re: [tlug] Managing Windows

>>>>> "Botond" == Botond Botyanszki <> writes:

    Botond> On Mon, 08 Mar 2004 10:40:32 +0900
    Botond> "Semi Malinen" <> wrote:

    >> Why must I click with the mouse to focus? Why must the focused
    >> window be the top window? Why is there no easy way to tell the
    >> top window to lower itself?

    Botond> Because it would make the life of M$ and other programmers
    Botond> for the platform much harder. This way there would be a
    Botond> lot more cases to consider which would mean windows would
    Botond> crash on every second mouse click...  Not to mention: "You
    Botond> have resized an unfocused window. Please click ok to
    Botond> reboot windows for the effects to take change."

Nonsense.  Those are deliberate design decisions.  Possibly they are
wrong, but in general they are shared with Motif (vendors always
provide the option of focus-follows-mouse, but the Motif standard
specifies click-to-focus) and the Mac.

I think that they actually make some sense if you think in terms of
people who only use computers because it's part of their job
description, and would rather not become skilled with them.  It's a
relatively simple set of rules, easily learned, and well-suited to
unionized labor mentalities.

Let us not underestimate the enemy, and especially not the enemy's
market research department.

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