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Re: [tlug] Re: Fwd: Re: Suse blues-progress?

Caution:  I'm tossing in my results in with this as I'm also using SuSE 
9.0, but the results are based on a machine that I originally installed 
SuSE 9.0 in the English mode.  I went back and added everything I could 
find related to Japanese after that.  I also followed the suggestion to 
modify the Language file (from root) with the intent of shifting 
everything over to Japanese.  The result is that the user selection 
window and all the root menus are in Japanese now, but running under 
user, the menus are still in English.  I just did:

su -

 - which worked, then:


 - which produced:

command not found

Re: Please use "rpm -q -a | grep canna",

I get:


I realize this is a slightly different issue, but since Paul and I are 
both running SuSE 9.0, getting one or the other working may somehow help 
in some way.  The Japanese stuff should be in my computer, but it hasn't 
been activated yet.

Don't burn up a lot of time on my problem, as it's not as pressing as 
Paul's, but if you notice something that a quick hint could solve, 
please push it through the wires towards me and hopefully in playing 
around with my test machine I may stumble onto something related to the 
kanji problem Paul is having.


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