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Re: [tlug] KDE 3.2 in SId, but...

On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 10:42:53PM +0000, Botond Botyanszki wrote:

>It's just two mouse clicks and you can remove that panel (I guess you
>meant the panel at the top) or drag it to the bottom.

It wasn't terribly obvious, cruising the config menus didn't reveal anything
like that.  Exactly what two clicks might they be?  I have KDE 3.2 working
now so it doesn't matter, but I'm still curious :-)

>No, it's MACism, which is disgusting IMHO as well (though they do have

Yeah.  I like OS X quite a bit, but that menu bar at the top instead of
having the menu bar in each window is idiotic for the amount of extra
mouse milieage and unneeded shifting of focus it makes you do.  I don't
often say this, but WRT that thing, "WTF was Apple thinking??"

>reason I won't use it (it's why I stopped using it when gnome was nearing
>1.0) is because the seem to blatantly copy winblows.

KDE blatantly exceeds Windows, and of course, any part of it that you
believe copies Windows and is therefore distasteful, you can change to
work the way you want.

Now, I hate to say anything good about Microsoft, but not much of my
criticism of them falls upon their UI.  My biggest gripe with it is
actually just that you only get one desktop.  I have eight desktops on
my notebook and ten on my desktop machine, and I like it like that.
Considering what a great idea that is, I'm surprised MS has never borrowed
it from X.  Maybe they have Not Invented Here syndrome when it comes to
Free Software.  They certainly didn't have it when it came to Mac OS :-)

>AFAIK one of debian's weak points has always been KDE, KDE3 took a long
>time to make it in there too.

I can wait until they think it's stable enough.  With KDE 3.2, I think
I could have waited a little longer.  But now that it's in, maybe
it was worth the pain.  I even got my bookmarks back today :-)

Security in Konqueror, which was outstanding before, is now even more
fine-grained, and Konq now uses ispell for spellchecking, very nice.
Speed definitely seems improved, even over 3.1.5, which in turn was
noticeable faster than 3.1.4.

While I think 3.2 was released a little earlier than perhaps it should
have been, nevertheless my hat is off to the KDE team for a job well

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