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Re: [tlug] A few SPAM questions...

>>>>> "Jack" == Jack Morgan <> writes:

    Jack> A) What is the most used MTA for tluggers?

exim on recent Debian, that's the default.

smail on my main mail host, for historical reasons (it used to be the
Debian default, and I don't feel like porting the configuration to
exim or postfix, as the defaults differ a lot).

postfix is by Wietse Venema, IIRC, and Wietse does good stuff.
Someday I'll look into it.

    Jack> B) Of the SPAM you do get, where does it usuallly come from? 

Right now the top is .cn by number of sites, .kr is nearly as high on
number of messages but those are currently coming from only about two
subnets, most of the rest is US.

I don't know how much of that is personal and how much ML (in fact, I
can't really distinguish ML from Usenet).

    Jack> C) Besides joining blacklists and filtering out SPAM, what
    Jack> other measures are people using to fight SPAM?

I filter SPAM _in_.  Into a special spambucket, of course.  There are
a lot of honest businessmen who think that direct UCE that really
conforms with the law is a good idea.  I send them a digest of the
company they're keeping that day.

I've suggested to the XEmacs mailing lists that to protect the privacy
of posters we should require authentication to get to the archives.
I'm happy to say that everybody there feels that it's worth exposing
the mailbox they use to the spam haruvas for the sake of people
using Google to find out about XEmacs.  Eventually we'll probably go
to some kind of address obfuscation, but for now we don't even have a
real postmaster ;-).

If I really cared personally about spam (I know that most people can't
handle it efficiently, but it's really not that big a deal to me), I'd
use TMDA

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University of Tsukuba                    Tennodai 1-1-1 Tsukuba 305-8573 JAPAN
              Don't ask how you can "do" free software business;
              ask what your business can "do for" free software.

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