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Re: [tlug] Partition sizes

On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 07:03:56PM +1100, Jim Breen wrote:
> ["A.Sajjad Zaidi" (Re: [tlug] Partition sizes) writes:]
> >> 
> >> / should be as small as possible since it doesnt/shouldnt change much. I
> >> usually make it about 180MB on a RH system. It should use up about 100MB
> >> at most.
> I can see the sense of keeping /home and /boot away, but what is the
> case for breaking out /usr, /usr/tmp, etc.?  Seems like it is asking for
> granularity problems.
conventional wisdom is you want to keep / as small as possible to reduce
the likelyhood of file system corruption. Take a look here if you want
to see more potificating on the subject than most can bare:

As for paranoia. If you think you have been hacked don't forget to change
the password, and check the environment of any systems you accessed from
the box for oddities.  It would be painful to have keylogger come back, and
bite you after the fact.  I imagine you already thought of this, but best
to make sure the bases are covered.


"Take away them collisions and the common channel and it's like Christianity 
 without Christ." -Jim Breen (speaking about "full-duplex" Ethernet)

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